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Hassie Dune (Amsterdam) toured around the world with different style bands; Zuco 103 (brasilectro), Tarhana (soefi beats & anatolien melodies) en Sinas (global dancefloor funk). Playing in different regions of the world, greatly inspired Hassie to mix&mash up all kinds of music cultures. His study Antropology, connected him to the Malinke music tradition of West Africa. So besides his long lasting passion of playing funky Bass-lines and freaky Drumkit grooves, Hassie became familiar with all kinds of rhythmic instruments of Guinee, Mali and Burkina Faso (Doundoun drums, Krin (split drum), Bolon (bass kalabas and all kinds of shakers and bells). But of all instruments, it was the N’goni, (African harp from Burkina Faso), that completely touched Hassie’s Soul. Since 2 years, Hassie is playing this beautiful string instrument in it’s “traditional” setting, in the Amsterdam based group Nusodia. But with Bamoné, Hassie colours the sound of his harp with all kinds of space-effects, so that a wide palette of musical sounds help him to express his musical ideas and feelings.

Percussion player and drummer Luiz Perillo (Brasil) played with various bands and musicians. Mostly Brasilian oriented groups (Treme Terra) in which he played typically Brasilian instruments as the Cuica, Berimbau, Surdo, Pandeiro, Agogo bells and Shakers. But also did Luiz participate in several projects that liked to mix musical styles and traditions (Torro de Jamel). These cross cultural collaborations further nourished his always existing wish for new sounds. Luiz invented his own rhythmic instruments, but also kept learning instruments that came on his way (Cajon etc).

Jazz Saxophone player Ghasem Batamuntu was accompanied for a while, and some sessions with hiphop artist Complex were done. Lately Luiz played with the group Nu Nova Compound of leading man Ghasem Watamuntu. The last band combines African and Brazilian grooves and melodies. In Bamoné, Luiz got inspired to write lyrics and perform as a vocalist. Midou Akhrif (Marokko) played all over the world as a percussion player. All kinds of musical styles and instruments were learned and then used by Midou to play his own percussive music. Darbuka, daf and all kinds of Arabic drums are learned from childhood on. Also the ceshcesh, so typically known of the Gnawa music of Maroc, are part of this heritage. But during the years Brasilian (Surdo, Repenique, shakers etc) and Latin instruments (Conga’s , Bongo’s etc), were added to his sound vocabulary. Playing in divers groups and projects, national (virtuoze matrozen) and internationally, Midou is an example of an unbound cross cultural artist.

Our name " Bamoné ", represents our birth grounds Brasil-Maroc-Netherlands.

The real meaning for us though, is that it stands for positive connection.

3 musicians with different (musical) backgrounds that feel an urge to communicate, interact and exchange their own authentic musical styles and sounds. What makes Bamoné unique, is the fact, that we do not want to repeat “traditional” tunes, but create Music. And we want to share our "World Music" with you. So, be welcome, enjoy and please share your vibe with us. 

what others wrote;

“Bamoné is an Unique Musical Experience. The combination of N'goni, Berimbau, Hang, & a wide range of other percussion instruments, creates

Soundscapes that are fresh and innovative.”

“A Bamoné performance let people experience oneness and happiness.”

“This repertoire encourage the listener to actively participate. It is in this shared experience, of clapping and singing along, that the magic of a musical performance can be tasted.”

“Sounds from the world all-over…an unique collaborations of musicians and their sounds and experiences.”


It is our wish to bring positive inspiration by means of music. That our energy will help to build understanding between all people. Hassie Dune