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Amariszi creates an exciting mix of Balkan influenced music delicately weaved together with pop, reggae and swing. The Amariszi line-up of virtuoso accordion lines, groovy horn section, guitar, bass & drums explores a world of music where anything can happen, and their appearance, animation and enthusiasm make every performance a party! Merel Simons’ captivating presence on stage, his clear timbre and expression offer an outstanding contribution that immediately appeals to listeners. 

Leaving limbs and body parts unmoved is downright impossible. Amariszi is Balkan virtuosity at its best.

Amariszi was founded in 2007 by accordionist/composer Kay Krijnen and drummer Dolf Huybers. Four years later their remarkable debut album ‘Balkan Chaotika’ was released, critically acclaimed and appreciated with coherent teamwork, originality and inspiring virtuosity. In 2014 Amariszi released ‘Nine Balkan Nights’ which topped the English World Music Audio Chart and #13 in the World Music Charts Europe. The band has toured in many European countries and played in various festivals such as Sziget, United Islands (CZ) and Oerol (NL).




Merel Simons - vocals

Kay Krijnen - Accordion

Peer Thielen - Guitar

Robert Koomen - Bass

Dolf Huybers - Drums

Simon Kelaita (DE) - Tenorsax

Jon Bittman (USA) - Altosax

Amsterdam Artist Collective